November Weekly Challenge #2: Identify a trait that you like about yourself!

It’s a lot easier to recognise our weaknesses, compared to our strengths/ characteristics that we like about ourselves. However, recognising our strengths is also extremely important, as it boosts your confidence :sparkles: and allows you to thrive in situations/ things that you’re good at! Recognising your strengths also allows you to give yourself the credit when it’s due. :revolving_hearts:

Now, spend just 1 minute typing out a trait that you like about yourself. It could be a physical characteristic (eg. eye colour), or a personality trait (eg. you’re resilient) that you think is valuable. :muscle:

If you’re really struggling with this, consider trying this exercise that helps you identify your strengths.

What is this trait that you like about yourself, and why?

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Feels weird thinking about what I like about myself.

I guess I’m always hopeful about the future. Call me an optimist and I believe that the glass is always half full.



I am creative and caring. Romantic also

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