February Weekly Challenge #2: Put on your favourite outfit!

Choose a day this week to put on an outfit that makes you feel confident! :dress: :womans_clothes: :tshirt: :shorts: (While you’re at it, feel free to take some selfies too!)

Tell us :speech_balloon:
:small_orange_diamond: How does wearing your favourite outfit make you feel?
:small_orange_diamond: Are you someone who gains confidence from the way you dress, or does the way you dress not really matter to you?
:small_orange_diamond:Do you think other people’s perception of you is also affected by the way you dress?

It is also perfectly fine if you’re still finding yourself and a style that’s best for you, or if none of those is a priority to you right now!

If you’re working on your confidence, try this 5-minute exercise that helps you build your self-esteem!

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My Fri-yay outfit :point_down: on a side note, I really enjoy Uniqlo fits - comfortable and conforming with the Singapore guys uniform :sweat_smile:


We love this method of showing us your favourite fit :laughing: keep the bondee fits coming!

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My weekend outfit :slight_smile: comfort matters more to me than others’ impressions, so I just wanna lay back and chill and enjoy the weekend.


Wearing my favourite outfit makes myself look beautiful and attractive, therefore allows me to become more self-confident. I really wanted to stand out from the rest. Dressing up reflects who you are as an individual and this provides the person an impression of who you are.