Our stories

Let’s share all our stories here so that all of us will know that we’re not alone and that there’s always at least 1 person who we can best relate to :slight_smile:


Good idea, @arya.z. I can start first, I struggled with self-esteem issues when I was younger. Never officially diagnosed, “mental health” wasn’t a thing to my parents. As I grow older, I managed to break out of the slump and take control of my life so I would say I’m in a much better place now and am finding ways to give back to the community.


There was once when I was in a job which I was not comfortable with and it went against my personal values. Although, to be clear it was not inherently wrong it was just my own values were not a match for the job.

For a few weeks I was feeling anxious and it made me feel that it was difficult to breathe, although I was not officially diagnosed. In the end I realised it was really impacting my wellbeing and I decided to quit.

Although this event caused me hurt at that time, I feel that now looking back it was a good experience as I learnt to set boundaries for myself and it gave me a clearer of what I want to do next time.