overthinking things

I honestly dont know what to do anymore, I have been dating this guy for 1 month and a half on the way to 2 months and he’s been texting me abit only so our convo are always short. Not like it used to be you know? i dont really know what to do because he tells me that he loves me alot but he goes on texting a girl

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Hi 4thefuckzz
Thank you for sharing your issue.
It must be very unsettling for you when the person’s words and actions are not congruent. From what I understand from you, it seemed like you are not in an exclusive relationship but only dated for a couple of months. However the guy is confusing you with his words and behaviour.

His behaviour might have left you feeling rejected and second best. You deserve to be respected and cared for and not taken as a contingent for him to fall back on in case he cannot find another girl. Relationship is two way where respect, care, communication, give and take are all important elements for it to work.

Perhaps it would be good to find a time to talk this out with him. This will allow you to know his thoughts towards this relationship and also for you to decide how you want to progress. If indeed he wants an exclusive relationship with you, it is also an opportunity to set your expectation with regards to his behaviours or attitudes towards other girls. This is a tool you could use to help you map out what you want to derive from the conversation and how to go about approaching it (1).

(1) Mental Support & Wellbeing Resources in Singapore to Improve Workplace Mental Health | mindline.sg

Hope this helps.

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Did his messages get shorter and shorter or were they short all along? How did it make you feel when you realize that he’s also texting other girls?