Punishments and incompetent people

recently on the 27th, I was once again punished. Damn it right? Guess what the reason was: I lost my temper. My family knows I got my temper from my father and Grandma, the temper as short as a needle. I get mad whenever people repeat and ask too many things. people who are unable to do stuff themselves.

It was around 6.30 my father (once more), was about to go out for his daily run. I was laying around in my room, watching some YouTube videos, school just ended after all! And this guy asks aloud “Where are the socks I bought yesterday?”. I, obviously not knowing, replies by telling him to ask my mother instead. However he keeps on pestering me, I then try to help him as well. However I am unable to. So I simply return back to watching my stuff. He STORMS in, and slams shut my laptop. Yelling for me to help. I try to explain that my Mother is the one who kept it, BUT HE SIMPLY JUST KEEPS ON ASKING ME! HELLO? I told him it was gone and began to try finding it. He leaves the house for his run and just return to watching my show. Not even a few minutes later he storms back in the house, slams my laptop shut,grabs it and sternly says "Kneel down by the door and write “I will not throw temper” a thousand times.

I started to write it in my book once more, kneeling on the ground like a peasant, no difference to the usual. When he returns, him and my mother ate dinner at the coffee table. I was sulking real bad and just writing like a mindless fool. That’s till it was past 9, he started to act as if nothing ever happened. I too started to act normal again. He can’t even handle the atmosphere he builds. It annoys me. Not to mention I started bleeding on my thumb as I wrote.

that sounds quite frustrating and scary :frowning: how are you feeling now