hey, i have a friends and shes inlove with someone that is 14 year old older than her and i need help. Shes inlove with him and i hope that you could give me some advice for this problem. Thank you.


Hi @user943

Thank you for sharing your worries, it’s understandable that you might be concerned about your friend’s situation, especially considering the age difference. It’s important to approach this matter with sensitivity and care. Here are a few pieces of advice:

  1. Open Communication: Do encourage your friend to talk openly about her feelings and create a non-judgmental space where she feels comfortable expressing herself. Listen actively and try to understand the reasons behind her feelings.

  2. Express Concerns: Please try to share your concerns about the significant age difference and its potential impact on the relationship. You can discuss how differences in life experiences, goals, and stages might pose challenges, and ask for her to reflect upon these points.

Most importantly, if you feel that your friend is in immediate danger or if there are legal concerns, it may be necessary to involve a trusted adult or professional such as the school counsellor or a teacher. It’s important to always prioritize the well-being and safety of those involved, especially since your friend is the younger party here.

Do share with us more and help us understand how we can continue to support you. Hear from you soon.

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I’m curious to know how did they meet? 14 years is a long time and they may be in different life stages and therefore have different expectations and aspirations.

Some people say age is just a number but I think interests and life outlook needs to be aligned before they consider getting together.

Also is this one sided or is the guy reciprocating too?