Relaxing While Working

Hello, new adult here, will be turning 20 this year haha…

I wanted to ask how most working adults find time to relax during workdays, maybe even weekends? My only working experience in a corporate-ish setting is my current internship, and given it’s not been the best experience for me, I’m not sure how people tend to find joy or are able to relax especially on workdays. Is that just something that can’t happen?

People talk about self-care and trying to minimise Monday blues, but how feasible is it? How much can one really care for themselves if they’re exhausted from working?

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Hello @tryingtheirbest hmm interesting question :thinking:

I’m also on internship now and I also find that on some days I can be too tired to do anything when I get home :sleepy:

My selfcare activity of choice is usually to gym/swim and to help encourage myself to do so after work no matter how tired I get is to always have a set of gym clothes in my bag heh. So it makes it harder for me to find excuses and go straight to the gym/pool after work. :muscle: On days that I really don’t have the energy to do anything after work, I will go out for walks instead to a nearby park or just around the neighbourhood.

What about you what’s your selfcare activity of choice ?

isn’t it hard to find the energy to do that too?

i don’t really have one, mostly just lazing around watching shows like a lot of people haha

I think self-care can mean different things on different days too! Some days it looks like: gymming, going for a run or a swim, joining a Pilates class at my favourite studio, but some days it could also look like: ordering in my comfort food and retreating to bed early to get a good night’s rest, because like you said, a day’s worth of work can really tire us out sometimes.

I find the most important thing is to listen to your body and find something that would help you decompress given the present state you’re in. On the weekends or on Friday nights, I usually have a little more energy so that’s when I tend to engage in more active forms of self-care. Whatever it is, caring for yourself can come in many different forms :slight_smile: hope you find some things that work for you!

@tryingtheirbest Hmmm it is but I think it could be like incorporated into your route home maybe walk a longer path home or climb the stairs but of course if you are really tired like what @anonymous9 said it could be walking to buy your comfort food too as long as you are taking a break and care of yourself.

Haha if its watching shows maybe can watch while on the gym cycle or treadmills incorporate some excersise :joy:

thank you @anonymous9 and @Otterworldly for your advice :slight_smile: i’ll take into consideration your words!

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