suicidal thoughts lolololol

ive been having suicidal thoughts for over a year now they stopped for a while then came back ive not dont it bcus of my boyfriend i dont want him to be alone can anyone tell me what to do?


i am so sorry to hear this :frowning: can you share a bit more what led to these thoughts?
hearing how you mention your bf, i’m sure he really matters to you and that you’re a loving person. you are loved too, i hope you can feel that and feel better soon <3 here to support you!!

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Hi @user984

I’m really sorry to hear that you’re been feeling this way for awhile. :pensive: Those must’ve been tough times that got you to contemplate/think of a situation where you no longer need to confront the distress or pain… I get that. To feel to that extent means that you’ve been too overwhelmed to cope. I also wanna commend you on not giving up and wanting to do something about it! This suggests to me that you’re trying your best to work on yourself - by figuring out ways to cope, and reaching out.

I’m also curious as to what led to those thoughts? Are you able to see if it’s trying to let you know something - like a desire that’s not met? Or something that was taken away? Have you spoken to anyone about this?

It could be helpful if you can get assistance from a trusted person when it gets too overwhelming for you. Let them know about the thoughts you’re having and that you just wanna be safe (e.g., keeping your surroundings safe, put away dangerous items like knifes/medications in locked cabinets, look for you immediately if you’re in distress, etc.). This plan helps them know what they can do exactly at that moment to support you.

In the meantime, have you also been taking care of yourself? Please consider, if possible, getting some regular exercise, getting healthy and regular meals, getting hydrated, prioritising restful sleep, engaging in a relaxing activity, practicing gratitude, staying connected, etc. Also, if you feel like you need to speak to someone immediately or things are just highly distressing at anytime 24/7, you can reach out to Samaritans of Singapore (1-767), IMH’s 24hour helpline (6389 2222) and SOS’s 24hour CareText: 9151 1767 (via WhatsApp). You can also consider other professional support to help you through in a safe and non-judgmental setting:

I feel like you have more to share and I look forward to listen about it from you. Remember, you deserve and can get all the support that you need. Hope to hear from you soon, take care! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @user984 :blush:, I understand that you are confused, scared and worried on why and what is causing you to have these thoughts.

There are many reasons why someone thinks of this. Stress could be a major factor that contributes to you thoughts.
Maybe you can try some ways to let off some steam,

  1. Crying, it is not a sign of weakness and it proves to work scientifically
  2. Sharing your worries and what you are going thru with someone. (It can be us right here!)
  3. Spent time with others or do something you love
  4. Exercise
  5. having nice food (my favourite personally)

If these thoughts continues or worsen do seek help from professionals.
Always remember, You Are Not Alone, there are people who care and love you. :heart:


The pain feels as though im carrying boulders on my shoulders while walking on sharp broken glass… do you think is worth fighting through more? :frowning:
i wanna let go but part of still wants to fight and i dunno what to pick anymore… living and dying both isn’t a bad choice nor a good choice… i dunno what to do :sob:

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im somewhat at a similar crossroad that you are facing. neither seems appealing. this might be flagged for being controversial but somehow its helping me.

just take it a day at a time. make a pro and cons list. be very sure and do your research. this may be the biggest hurdle/ challenge in your life but it aint gonna be the only one and once youve clear this one, the next would be much easier.


Hi @arya.z, it must be really hard for you to go through this, I can’t imagine what it’s really like. I also wanna commend you for keeping on going. And I wanna echo the message of taking it 1 day at a time. I wanna let you know that I’m here and I’m willing to listen - so I hope to hear from you again.