Tips to manage anger

Hey everyone :wave:t2:

Here’s a list of quick tips to try out the next time you find yourself getting :angry: and you don’t want to get :rage:. Do note that this may or may not work for everyone, depending on the intensity of the anger and situation you’re in.

If all else fails, do seek professional support to learn ways to cope and work through your anger in a supportive and non-judgmental manner. :slightly_smiling_face: Let’s get on to the tips, and it goes in no particular order - just give them a go!

  • Strenuous exercise to reduce the surge of adrenaline from your impulsive reaction to whoever or whatever upset you;

  • Attempt to calm yourself through deep breathing, muscle relaxation exercises, yoga, meditation, and/or visualising a comforting scene while engaging as many of your 5 senses as possible;

  • Be assertive in asking for what you want in a respectful manner instead of holding in your frustration when you deny yourself what you want;

  • Stay away from persons and/or events that typically make you angry, as much as possible!

  • Remove yourself from the situation and use reflection to try to understand it from a less personal and less accusatory viewpoint;

  • Adopt a more solution-oriented approach instead of just dwelling on the problem;

  • Use humour to view the situation from a less serious, or even a silly perspective!

  • Show empathy towards the person - consider if the person really intended to offend you. If the person did, consider if the person might have felt offended by you earlier.

  • Talk it out with someone you trust and understands you! :slightly_smiling_face:

Feel free to share your experience trying out the tips, or share your own tips - like what works for you and why. Take care :smiley: