TW: Suicide and hope?

Been a while since my last post… life was going great until it wasn’t anymore

It’s been a month since my attempt, I was unconscious for awhile and woke up in the ICU.It’s been a heck of a journey and while I can’t say that I’m definitely glad to be alive (there’s always still those days where I wished my attempt was successful or I wish to attempt again), I am glad that I am given more time to create even more precious memories with my loved ones and the people around me.

I am thankful for the chance to be able to continue building, strengthening and fostering healthy relationships with the people around me.

I am in the midst of rebuilding my identity, the journey ahead won’t be easy but I am determined to make the best of my situations and face everything with resilience and grit while also remaining compassionate towards myself.

I hope to be able to be someone who uses her experiences and stories to be a vessel of hope to the hopeless and positivity impact the people around her.


Hey @Marshmallow.youghurt we are glad that you are here too ! Thank you so much for sharing and helping others with your experience :grin: Always happy to see more people helping each other become better versions of each other :muscle:


Thanks for sharing so vulnerably, @Marshmallow.youghurt. We’re glad you’re still here with us.

This is an opportunity to rebuild your identity to be someone you’d want to be. I hope the community here can be a source of strength for you.

But of course, this is very true :point_down:

When the going gets tough, do you have someone you can turn to or a safety plan?

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Hi @Jaws

To answer this: I’m seeing a therapist and we do somewhat have a safety plan in place but she knows that when I’m in extremely high distress, the safety plan will fail cause I’ll naturally fall back on hurting myself but we’re slowly working on a way to combat this

Therapist aside, I’m also seeing a psychiatrist and have some friends who is journeying with me and I can turn to them


That’s good to hear, @Marshmallow.youghurt. I hope you recover from this episode soon and become stronger in the process. :muscle: We’ll be here to hear from you again!

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