Voices in my head

I have voices in my head, telling me bad things, like commiting suicide, being anorexic etc been with me for at least 4 years. How do i get rid of it. I can argue with it in my mind, listening to music helps but i can’t always listen to music to sleep.

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Hi @Karma2426 , thanks for sharing how you are feeling. I hear that you have been trying to cope with these thoughts/voices in your mind, and I can imagine that this must have been a difficult stage of your life. Hearing voices is not normal, and it can be distressing for individuals.

If you have been hearing voices or have thoughts about harming yourself, I will encourage you to seek help immediately I.e., visit an Emergency department or contact SOS (1).

I also encourage you to talk to a mental health professional like a school counsellor to support you and help find ways to cope and regulate these emotions.

(1) Contact Us - Samaritans of Singapore (SOS)

Hey manz, yeah these thoughts you think about happens frequently I feel that you could take sometime on your own to just stop for awhile and say this:

‘your name’ you are good enough, though I will never be the best, and things just seem to fall apart and get more though. It’s okay to feel like nothing makes sense. Just know that I kept holding on, I am brave enough to do so. I have did what I can and will still do. I am enough.

I may not know you, but I hope you find peace where you are in your season of life.

fighting! I am too.


Hello!! I was once like you where I would often hear voices that does not belong to me and its telling me to do things. But I did not really wanted to talk about it to anyone due to fear, you’re really amazing and thank you for sharing!

To me, what I realised was that those voices are from deep down my heart and what I’m truly feeling which has been hindering me but I myself did not realise it.

Some things I did was to do things that I truly like and keep myself busy at all times while avoiding negativity. Not sure if it may work the same for you as well, but you’re not alone😉

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