What are some unhelpful habits? #3

Hello everyone!

Today is the last of the series on unhelpful habits. Again, we’ll look at more unhelpful habits and let’s see how many you can identify with. :thinking:

  • You freeze (as opposed to the fight-or-flight reaction) with issues within relationships due to excessive anxiety; you get immobilised because you fear that moving in either direction (i.e., tackle the issue or avoid completely) is too costly, and will further endanger any of your (already insecure) relationships.
  • You indulge in addictive processes (especially eating, drinking, smoking, or substance use) when you cannot overcome your anxiety. Addictions are the ultimate distractors from negative and intolerable emotions, and its danger lies in how easily they consume you once it becomes habitual.
  • You feel the need to possess, (or dominate) your partner, and to feel comfortable in the relationship. Your anger will self-righteously blame your partner when you get upset. This anger pushes your partner and your desire to possess them even further away, which is self-sabotaging.

Did you find yourself nodding to the above? If yes, what do you agree with, and what have you done to counter them? :mag: Looking forward to hearing from y’all and do share any questions you have about unhelpful habits! :wave:t2:

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