What are some unhelpful habits? #2

Hello everyone!

Today we’ll look at more unhelpful habits and and let’s how many you can identify with. :thinking:

  • You cannot resist imagining worst case scenarios when you think about doing something risk-worthy because you tend to catastrophise. These negative predictions then guarantee you to change your mind. You can claim that you believe in no guarantees in life, but you believe so little in yourself that you do not take any reasonable chances to chase what you value.
  • You give up before even trying due to the fear of failure. Your inner critic protects you from the anxiety of failure by not allowing you the opportunity to be task-oriented. Apathy and inertia will demotivate you from struggling against your passivity as you have already predicted your failure in your mind, thus not even getting you to think about using your resources to even try! This paradox remains incongruent until you approach them in a counter-intuitive way – by trying and facing the challenge despite your fear!

Did you find yourself nodding to the above? If yes, what do you agree with, and what have you done to counter them? :mag: Looking forward to hearing from y’all and do share any questions you have about unhelpful habits! Look out for the next post then!