What is a cognitive distortion? #5

Hey everyone,

In today’s post on cognitive distortions, I’d like to cover the next one which is discounting or disqualifying the positive.

This is where a person unreasonably ignores or invalidates whatever good that they achieved or compliments they received:

“I did that project well, but that doesn’t mean I’m competent – I just got lucky”

“My friends are only nice to me because they feel sorry for me”

Thus, ‘counter’ it by collecting ‘evidence’ or keeping track of personal achievements (e.g., writing down daily wins, save positive e-mails in a folder to look at from time to time, etc.):

“Today, my teacher said the idea I shared was a good one!”

Look out for the next post then! And feel free to share any questions that you might have about cognitive distortions too!

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