What’s the best way to cope with fear of darkness?

hi there. im currently 22 years old and i’m still stuck with my fear or darkness which i suspect would have stemmed from an incident that happened when i was in childcare.

my mom told me that i had acted out a scenario where i was locked in a dark room, and the teachers would pinch me. and ever since that day o refused to go back.

til this day i cant sleep in complete darkness, and i feel the urge to run if i have to exit my room during the midnight as the lights outside would be turned off already.

what’s the best way to cope with darkness?

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i find myself constantly biting the insides of my cheek until it bleeds. i can’t remember when did i start this, i think it definitely became a habit.

but im sure this had happened when i was at least 9 years old. as my teacher thought i was eating in class but i was actually just biting my cheek.

and im 22 years old now, so its been going on for 13 years? wow

i noticed that i do it subconsciously, especially during times when am stressed. i cant seem to stop myself either, but i need to because the “wounds” would hurt if i want to eat spicy food :sob:

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Hi there, I find myself daydreaming a lot, and the funny thing is that it happens mostly at night, every night. I know for a fact that I started doing this when I was at least 12, and I’m now 22, so it’s been at least 10 years.

I think it has gotten worse as I’ve gotten older. I would stay up all night, daydreaming about the same scenarios that would last for a few weeks. Then, I’ll change to another scenario, which will also last for weeks before I change to another scenario, and this keeps repeating. I mean i just find it so fun as there would be characters and backstories where i felt lile i could actually write a book if i wanted to.

Some things i’ve realised:

  1. It has gotten to a point where I’d be upset if anything got in my way of daydreaming.

  2. I would always rush home from school/work so I could daydream.

  3. I chose to daydream at home instead of hanging out with my friends

  4. The emotions were so real where I would actually cry.

  5. Each night it would last about at least 3 hours, and at most 8 hours…

Thinking that i’ve always done this, I feel crazy


Hi @anoni

Thank you for sharing all your worries and stresses with us. I hear you, and it sounds like you’ve been experiencing vivid and immersive daydreaming episodes for a significant portion of your life. It’s not uncommon for people to have rich inner worlds and elaborate fantasies, especially during periods of solitude or relaxation, like at night before sleeping. Many people find comfort, entertainment, and a sense of fulfillment in daydreaming :slight_smile:

However, when daydreaming starts to interfere with daily activities, relationships, or overall well-being, it’s important for us to take a closer look and perhaps seek support. Your realization that you’re upset when anything interrupts your daydreaming, or that you’re choosing it over socializing with friends, indicates that it might be impacting your life in ways you hadn’t previously recognized.

Feeling like you’re “crazy” is a common reaction when something about our behavior feels outside the norm or difficult to control. But rest assured, experiencing intense daydreaming doesn’t make you crazy. It’s just a part of your unique way of processing thoughts and emotions :slight_smile:

It might be helpful to reflect on why you’re drawn to daydreaming to such an extent and explore if there are underlying feelings or needs that your daydreams are fulfilling. One of the ways to process this is to try talking to a therapist or counsellor :slight_smile: It can be a helpful step in understanding your experiences better and finding ways to manage them if they’re causing distress or interfering with your life goals.

You can try walking in to a nearest Family Service Centre, or try out an online option:

Please know that you’re not alone, and we are here to continue to support you. Let us know how you’re coping? Hear from you soon.