What's on Your Bucket List? ;)

Hey there, fellow young adventurers!

Life’s too short to get too stressed, right? That’s why I’ve decided to kick-start an epic bucket list challenge for all of you young souls who love adventure and excitement. I want to compile the most exciting and awe-inspiring bucket list items!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Share Your Ultimate Bucket List Item: What’s that one thing you’ve always dreamt of doing or experiencing? It could be anything from skydiving over the Grand Canyon to volunteering in a foreign country or even mastering a new language.
  2. Bucket List Buddy: Reply to someone else’s item if you’re interested in doing it too or if you’ve already checked it off your list. You can take this chance to connect with like-minded adventurers! (and MAYBE plan an adventure together? :slight_smile: )

To get us started, here’s my very simple but ultimate bucket list item:

  • Backpacking across Mongolia & watch the eagle hunting practice !:school_satchel: (It’s been a dream since I was 19 yo!!! but I’m way past 19 now, and just too busy with #life, sigh)

So, what’s on your bucket list? Share it below, and let’s get adventurous! :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to see your dream experiences!

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