Why do people want to be approached?

I’ve had three people tell me, ‘You never text first. You only text when I text you first.’

I’ve always explained that I dislike initiating, but I’ve never gone deeper. Simply because these three people never seem to take my feelings into consideration. Been there, done that, they never cared, and will just reply with, ‘Same, but I text you first.’ :skull:

Now I’m just gonna put it on here that I really dislike initiating conversations and initiating plans for outings (I mean, I don’t really like going out, plus I don’t have a job, no income. I also don’t want to ask my parents for money, obviously).

I have these people complaining to me that I never text them first or never ask them out.

Most of the time, I just have nothing to say, hence why I didn’t text them. And for not asking them out, I literally told them I don’t feel like going out, so why would I ask?

I mean, it’s really something that I don’t like to do out of fear of rejection and judgment. Like, bro, if you reject me once, I will never ask you out again. It’s a me thing, a me problem.

They often wonder how I’m going to make friends. Honestly, I’m happy where I am. I keep my circle small. I do put in the effort to initiate outings and convos in my own circle of friends. Every time I go to a new school, of course, I wait to be approached. I can’t approach people. Maybe this is weird but I’m truly happy, even if I have no friends in school because I have true friends outside of school. Plus, it’s hard to find true friends nowadays.