"Why is my partner so clingy?"

Hi friends!

As a therapist, I often get this question a lot from my clients. They are constantly confused and frustrated at their partners for being “clingy”, which can eventually exhaust both partners in the relationship.

Here’s a simple infographic on the possible reasons for the “clingy-ness”

If your partner is “clingy”, maybe it’s a good time to seek support from a mental health professional to process the underlying attachment issues.

Have you ever experienced a partner or friend who is seemingly “clingy”? How did you manage that relationship?

Share more with us!

I would like to admit that there was a period of time where I was abit too clingy towards my partner but I didn’t realise until she told me.

It was difficult to understand first but I am glad we manage to communicate it out and try to understand things from each other’s perspective.

To keep things short here are some things which my partner and I established:

  1. When we are on dates we should pay attention to each other and as much as possible don’t use phones.

  2. Give each other space to grow as well. It is important to remember that we are still individuals and sometimes we need space to grow and experience things on our own. I find this keeps things fresh as well as there are always interesting stories we can tell each other when we meet.


Hi @Otterworldly !

Thank you for being so open in sharing this vulnerability, I think we all in some ways have been through this experience before :slight_smile: You’re not alone.

Thank you also for sharing the pointers that you and your partner have established, those are wonderful points and I am sure the rest of us will learn from these points too! It’s great to see that you and your partner are both mature and grounded enough to have space to grow on your own, so that you both can also share stories and experiences!

I enjoyed reading your pointers and I am sure that it must have taken a lot of effort to get to this point in your relationship - so I commend you for that! Well done to both of you :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for your kind words @cottonsoul :blush: