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I was retrenched last year. It was funny at that time because all my team (6 of us) were always had fun talking behind the boss’ back, how toxic boss she is, how the environment was toxic, and how we surely just wanted to hit 1 year mark then all leave for a better boss and company. Now looking back 13 months later, I was the only one got retrenched and all of them still staying there. This got me thinking, why are they still there? Did they all lie to me when all agreed to leave that company after 12 months? Did they tell the boss and got me kicked out? Am I actually the toxic one? Now in a new company I always worry if I said wrong things, if my colleagues will rat me out, if the new boss hate me, if anyone thinks I’m a toxic employee, etc. Everyday thinking I just want to be a good person, earn decent money, go home, not hurting anyone even if it just a joke or even if I think everyone thinking the same as me. Please I need advise on how to be a good employee, I don’t want to get retrenched again.


Hi @lazyrose, I hear you - navigating workplace dynamics can be challenging, especially after experiencing a job loss. To be a positive and valued employee in your new role, prioritize open communication, maintain a positive attitude, and practice professionalism with your new team members. Focus on making positive contributions to your new environment, and over time, trust and confidence will follow. Remember, your past experiences don’t define your future; concentrate on creating a positive impact in your current role. All the best, :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:


Thanks @QLT will try my best. Although part of me keep blaming myself of what happened in the past and still having nightmares of meeting my ex-boss sometimes. But I hope I’m not the toxic person. Appreciate your encouragement.


I think you already give good advice to yourself haha @lazyrose. That seems to be a good mantra.

Were you the only one retrenched or was it part of a larger exercise across the company? It must be stressful to have to deal with the retrenchment and I can understand why you have all these questions in your head.

I think generally asking more questions is always good. Don’t jump to quick conclusions and ask more questions. That’ll help you understand the dynamics in the company (and hopefully be better prepared of any curveballs that might come your way) - maybe that’s one way you can “protect” yourself.