April Weekly Challenge #3: Brave your fears! 💪

Do you feel like you’re stagnating? That something’s missing in your life right now? Is there something that has been holding you back from achieving something for awhile? :fog:

Have you been afraid to speak your mind to a friend/ family member?
Afraid of quitting your part-time, stressful job?

Afraid of taking a gap year/ semester off?

Afraid to say sorry?
Afraid to ask for forgiveness?

Uncertainty and the prospect of failure can be extremely scary - most people will choose unhappiness :sob: over uncertainty :roll_eyes:.

However, that might mean a prolonged sense of unhappiness and unfulfilment for you, or even for the people around you.

Tim Ferris’ Fear Setting Exercise (Here’s a free template!) is a great way of rationalising your fears and feelings of insecurity. According to this exercise, there are just 3 simple steps you can take to rationalise your fears.

:black_circle: Define the fear: List the worst thing that could happen :thought_balloon::writing_hand:
:green_circle: Prevent: List how you can stop the above bad things from happening :x:
:brown_circle: Repair: If the worst happens, list how to repair each bad thing :wrench:

:point_right:Try the Fear-Setting Exercise, and see what comes out of it! You may also find out more about this exercise here.
:left_speech_bubble:Did the exercise help you be less fearful? What did you find out about yourself?

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