April Weekly Challenge #4: Decorate your room 🪴

Been meaning to put up those movie posters, post cards or polaroids up on your wall for the longest time? :framed_picture: Or is your room currently devoid of plants? :potted_plant:

This is your :sparkles: sign :sparkles: to start putting in some effort in decorating your room!

Start small- perhaps you can first clean your room, search up some room deco inspiration/ references online, or come up with a list of things you want to add to your room (eg. plants/ dried flowers/ candles/ posters etc.). Then, you can slowly populate your room to make it more lived-in and cozy-looking! :couch_and_lamp: :bubbles:

:point_right: What did you end up using/ doing to decorate your room? Does it feel a little better staying in your room right now?