October Weekly Challenge #3: Let's declutter! Throw out items that no longer spark joy

We have all heard about the Marie Kondo Method: to only keep things that speak to your heart, and discard items that no longer spark joy.

Today, try removing 3-5 items from your room that no longer spark joy.

This can also refer to items that used to spark joy, but no longer do.

What items did you choose to recycle/ throw out? How did it feel during, and after, decluttering these items? :recycle: :sparkles:

If you find yourself overly-attaching emotions to certain objects or materials, feel free to also try this mindfulness exercise :person_in_lotus_position:, that teaches us how to detach ourselves mindfully from certain things, or items.

Have fun decluttering, mindliners!

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I have a habit of balancing out my wardrobe. I will donate some older clothes or accessories when I add a new piece(s) to my wardrobe. It does make me better feel… maybe less guilty of my purchases :relieved:

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