Bullied in my work place

I work in a tuition centre. Im a former MOE teacher. Had a stroke in 2018. Fully recovered. Thank you Jesus. The stupid HR or so called HR always say that i am not the same, its the stroke!!!
Why dun i take up more classes. The bloody reason is, shes not giving me appropriate classes. Then the stupid VP can blatantly tell me i have not fully recovered ftom my stroke. F to him. I am as normal as any person on the street. I dun understand why they keep hogging on my stroke. If i can i want to leave this place, but I need to put dinner on my table. I dun understand why they dun put in some encouraging words. Toxic people.


Hi @Lola

Thank you for sharing your frustrations and struggles with us, I hear you and I’m truly sorry for the hurtful and insensitive treatment you’re facing at work. It’s deeply unfair that your abilities and dedication are being overshadowed by assumptions about your health. It’s understandable that you feel frustrated and discouraged by the lack of encouragement and support from your colleagues.

Your recovery from a stroke is a testament to your strength and resilience, and it’s unfair for anyone to diminish your accomplishments because of it.

If you are open to it, here are two suggestions that might help improve your situation:

  1. Document your achievements: Try to keep a record of your accomplishments since recovering from your stroke, such as successful classes taught, positive feedback from students or parents, and any additional responsibilities you’ve taken on. You could present this evidence to HR or your VP and it might help dispel their misconceptions about your capabilities.

  2. Seek support: Please do consider reaching out to a higher authority within the organization, such as a supervisor or director, to address the unfair treatment you’re facing. They may be able to intervene on your behalf and ensure that you’re given the opportunities and respect you deserve.

Last but not least, please remember that you’ve overcome many challenges, and your resilience speaks volumes about your strength and determination! Don’t hesitate to reach out for more help and support within and outside of your workplace. You are more than enough!

Let us know if you have more to share, we are here to support you.

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Sounds like a bad case of workplace discrimination. It’s unfortunate but I guess many people judge too early because they don’t have enough information about a certain health condition.

I really think it takes tremendous strength to recover from a stroke. I don’t know many people who have done this so you should be really proud of yourself.

What’s keeping you in this tuition centre? I think a change of environment where you’re appreciated for your strengths would be really helpful (and probably easier than trying to change their mindsets)

I was sent to ttsh in time. Stay in icu 1 week. Stay in ward 1 week. N im out. I did 2 yearly brainscan n doc say i do not need to go back anymore. Thank the Lord Jesus for this . I really want to get out if this tuition centre but most of my pay come from them. Im scouting around . I have 2 more cemtres which im doing part time for but the pay is little. Pray that im able to work for cdac to coach pupils there. The interview is after cny.

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Hey @Lola just wanna say hope things get better for you and your work environment improves :people_hugging: also good luck for your interview no matter the outcome we are here to listen if you ever need :sparkles::+1:

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Good luck for the interview, @Lola! We’re cheering for you.

You seem to be a really passionate educator, the world needs more people like you.

In the meantime, I hope your experience in your current tuition centre gets better. @cottonsoul gave some practical suggestions to document your achievements and help dispel any misconceptions. I’m not sure if there’s any one higher you can reach out to, but if there is, can consider that too.

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