December Weekly Challenge #4: Do something outside of your comfort zone

Life is full of opportunities to step outside our comfort zone, but grabbing hold of them can be difficult. After all, when we are in our comfort zone, there isn’t much incentive for us to reach new heights of performance.

However, when we stay in our comfort zones for too long, we stop growing - in terms of our technical, emotional, mental or physical skills/ intelligence.

This week, try to do anything outside your comfort zone. It does not have to be something big or phenomenal. Here are some examples:

  • Speaking up in class/ in meetings :speaking_head:
  • Learning a new skill :woman_cartwheeling:
  • Meeting new people :couple:
  • Simply changing up your routine :spiral_calendar:

If you’re struggling with this, do refer to these tips on how you can discover your full potential! :dizzy:

What did you decide to do outside of your comfort zone? Was it as difficult as you thought it would be? How do you feel, now that you have taken the first step?

Step out your comfort zone

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