Family is hard

Having disagreements with people is hard, but I feel like it’s a lot worse with family. Probably because I’ve known them for so long, am likely to be stuck with them for a long time too and I’m in close proximity with them and all their problems a lot.

I get that they are growing like me, I get that they need time to change just like I do, but still. It’s hard. It hurts. Sometimes when I interact with them I feel this deep disgust and hatred that scares me. I think maybe if we stayed further from each other we’d get along better. It’d be the easy way out, make it so much easier to ignore the things I hate about them.

There’s always someone shouting or arguing about something in my house. My head throbs when it happens. I mean, I sort of know what I have to do and I get that it’s a process that will take time, I just wanted to tell someone. I know it’ll get better eventually, but right now, it sucks and I’m sad.

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every family has their own problems. truly.

find something to divert your attention and do something you enjoy.

minimise your interaction time with your family by spending more time outdoors, such as go for long walks in nature parks. look for our hidden wildlife or go volunteer at animal shelters.

someone or someplace out there will be greatly appreciative of what you can give.