Feel my team members don't like me

I think I’m a little stupid.
I often start to think without reading other people’s words clearly.
I did something wrong in the group several times, and I didn’t even finish my homework with them this time.
They didn’t communicate with me much, and I felt that I was hated by them … Maybe I m really bad.
It’s normal to be hated if you don’t know anything … but before the class officially started, I felt that she didn’t like me very much, even though she would still smile at me, but I didn’t feel that others were indifferent to me, but she I really felt that she hated me.
She often ignores me and feels bad. I think maybe I think too much, but it’s really hard to tell anyone.
Moreover, I feel that I can’t keep up with my study progress, and now I have some tendencies not to study.
After all, my English is poor and my school fee is expensive. I’m so tired.I don’t even know what the purpose of writing this is to arouse sympathy. Or are you looking for scolding? I am not good at studying and eager to learn, so write this here. It’s really out of your mind.I use translators for many words. Maybe I really don’t fit in here, but garbage like me has nowhere to go. It’s a great kindness for the world to let me stay here.
So tired, really tired.
I doubt that it was a mistake for me to try my best to get the secondary school teacher to convince my parents to let me continue my studies. I’m just wasting resources.Suddenly it’s a pity why the car accident didn’t drown me.


Hi @Seven

Thank you for sharing with us how you feel and what you’re struggling with, and I’m really sorry to hear that you’re feeling this way, but I want you to know that your feelings are valid. I can see that you’re going through a difficult time, and it’s completely normal to feel overwhelmed. I want to encourage you that your worth as a person is not determined by your academic performance or how others may perceive you.

I understand, starting a new group can be tough, and it’s okay to make mistakes. Everyone has their own learning style and pace, and it doesn’t make you “stupid” or “garbage.” It’s understandable that you might be feeling isolated, especially if you’re struggling with communication in a new environment. It’s important to give yourself some grace and recognize that making adjustments takes time.

It’s also okay to reach out for support :slight_smile: Talking about your feelings with someone you trust can be a relief, whether it’s a friend, family member, or even a counsellor. I would really encourage you to speak to your counsellor about your feelings and receive emotional support on a regular basis in school.

Also, I can hear that you’re feeling exhausted and questioning your path. If you’re having thoughts of self-harm, I strongly encourage you to reach out to a mental health professional or your school counsellor as soon as you can. Please know that your life is valuable, and there are people who care and want to support you.

Remember that it’s okay to ask for help and that you don’t have to face everything alone. Please do let us know how you’re coping now, we would love to continue to hear from you because you matter to us.

Hear from you soon.


Agreed with @cottonsoul ! Remember to give yourself some credit for wanting to take better care of yourself by sharing here! It takes alot of strength to do so :muscle:

I can understand that feeling of falling behind sometimes feeling that it’s not enough but when you look back at the small efforts here and there it will add up and you will look back and realise how much you have improved. Remember small improvements are still improvements :slight_smile:

You are not a waste of resources ! Sometimes it just takes more time and you are on your own journey and pacing! Keep doing your best and try seeking people who appreciate your efforts you are not alone @Seven :people_hugging:

What kind of study methods have you tried ? Perhaps we can help you work something out that suits you ?

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