I have autism. And I hate myself for it sometimes.

I am in pathlight school. It’s really really fking hard to be in that school. Because that the school has the Satelite school program, which is a program to integrate with mainstream schools that are neuraltypical, the people there can be mean and have been mean to me. Like today, I was talking with some of my friends from that school (some of them are nice and i have no friends in my class OR in pathlight due to the fact i dont associate or vibe with them as much) and a group came over and suddenly said that the people diagonal to me want to talk to me. They wanted me to go over to them. Thing is that i never talked to them before. And felt they were pushing me away. It really wasnt something i wanted to experience. And i hate the experience as a whole.

Being in pathlight is very hard because i have no friends in class or in the school. Although i have friends who are mildly autistic and dont have much problems, i wont consider them like a friend compared to my other friends outside school. My friends outside school are from international schools and i rlly love them a lot. I had to leave the international school to pathlight due to uncertain future and circumstances.

All in all, I really dont want to be in pathlight anymore. I endured this school for 3 years 2 months and 26 ■■■■■■■ days. I just dont belong here. And the story about what happened today was that it was really mean of them for what they did. And when i stayed at the table, they said they had ‘class’ and walked away. Which i knew they were avoiding me as i could tell from their faces.

Just because i am in a special ed school, doesnt mean I’m any different or weird in any way. And it just hurts to be associated with the school when it doesnt even ■■■■■■■ define me. I didnt ask to be in it in the first place.

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Hi @feiQ!

Thank you for sharing your struggles with us. I’m truly sorry to hear about the difficult experience you’ve been facing in school. It sounds like you’ve been through a lot, and you’re struggling to find genuine connections and friendships within the school environment. Feeling like you don’t belong or that you’re being treated unfairly can be incredibly challenging, especially when you’re already navigating the complexities of school life. I hear that you’re feeling isolated and misunderstood, and I want you to know that your feelings are valid. It’s completely understandable that you’re feeling frustrated and hurt by the actions of others.

You’re absolutely right - being in a special education school doesn’t define who you are as a person. You are unique and deserving of respect and understanding, regardless of the school you attend or any labels that may be placed upon you. It’s unfair for anyone to make assumptions or treat you differently simply because of the educational setting you’re in.

It’s important to remember that you’re not alone in feeling this way, and it’s okay to seek support from trusted individuals who can understand and empathise with your experiences. Whether it’s reaching out to a teacher, counselor, or trusted adult within the school, or seeking support from friends and family outside of school, having someone to talk to and lean on during difficult times can make a significant difference.

Additionally, it might be helpful to explore ways to cultivate connections and interests outside of school that bring you joy and fulfillment. Whether it’s spending time with your friends from your previous school, pursuing hobbies or activities that you love, or seeking out communities where you feel understood and accepted, finding sources of support and belonging beyond the school environment can be empowering.

Please know that your feelings are valid, and it’s okay to advocate for yourself and your well-being. You deserve to feel valued and respected, and I encourage you to continue speaking up about your experiences and seeking support from those who can provide understanding and empathy. Our community is also here to support you and will wait to hear more from you. Take care and I wish you well :slight_smile:

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Its not exactly bad to be autistic or be in Pathlight school its just you were born special which makes u just a bit different, Don’t listen to what people say like “oh she’s/he’s autistic, so weird…” they just want to make fun of you like any other bully. Stay strong and be yourself​:+1::wink:

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How long more do you have before you graduate?