How can we appreciate ourselves more when things in our academic life do not go as planned?

When we do not have any new achievements in life what can keep us motivated so that we would appreciate the work that we did?


Maybe it doesn’t have to be new achievements, but it could start with something good that happens in your day. It could be as small as looking at the sky and seeing that the weather was decent.

I think it is very normal that your work is not recognised, but if you believe that the amount of work that you put in was a great amount, you need to know that YOU did that and if you think it is good, CLAIM IT! because only you know how far you have come, and eventually if someone does see your work, tell them all about it. I hope that you feel a little more encouraged, hope you have a great day :slight_smile:


hello @sradha! i used to struggle with this a lot, and during that time i felt really lost because i tied a ton of self-worth and my own value to my achievements - tangible achievements! and i think this is very much a symptom of the competitive, “meritocratic” singaporean psyche. I feel like we have been brought up with an education system that rewards us for achieving good grades, doing projects, boosting up our portfolios. i used to do all of that, just to be high-achieving, and to me, high achievement in many areas in my life = success!

but after awhile, i got tired and unmotivated, and perhaps like you, my academic life started taking a turn for the worse. i was super unmotivated and i felt like no matter how hard i tried, i couldnt reach the success/ achievement that i wanted!

but i started thinking about what makes me, me- what’s my value outside of my achievements? and i would like to ask you the same question: if you took all your tangible achievements away, who would you be?

How would you re-define success for yourself? Could it be your relationships with others, doing the things that you love, serving others, making a positive impact?

What are your strengths/ traits- in relation to academic life and outside of academic life? perhaps you’re disciplined, independent, empathetic, a good listener? What do you want people to remember you for? :open_mouth: have you been paying attention to your other needs as well?

it also sounds like you have put in a lot of effort into your academic life, and i think you can take a step back and give yourself the credit you deserve for making it this far, for not giving up and doing your best! i think it also helps to try to grab hold of opportunities to do the things that we love- regardless of the potential for a tangible achievement or not! celebrate the small steps and little progress, and this way you can perhaps enjoy the process of studying/ working/ doing anything more! :slight_smile:

i relate to your sentiments a lot, and i really hope this helps! remember to take your time and be kind to yourself too!