I feel like there are so many issues in the world that I want to help solve, but I feel helpless and overwhelmed

Sometimes I feel an overwhelming sense of dread when I think about the state of the world. The environment is dying (deadly floods have left millions displaced in Bangladash, there’s a statewide flooding disaster in Yellowstone national park, forest fires etc.), innocent people are being killed, tortured, displaced in wars just for a few dictators to claim more power, systemic discrimination is still omnipresent throughout the world. Millions of people are facing relative/ absolute poverty, so many people fall through the cracks in society. It’s also so difficult to lead an ethical/ morally right life- fast fashion is difficult to avoid, I travel by plane, I purchase plastic products, I create waste that is polluting the earth everyday.

I feel like we-as a whole human population- are not trying hard enough. We aren’t doing our best for the world, and I feel so helpless. I’m trying to change some of my individual actions and I hope to influence people to do the same, but I feel like a systemic change needs to occur. Yet, that never happens because the people in power are desperate to stay in power, and there is always a power struggle/ dynamic in most societies/ communities that makes change difficult to come through. I tend to spiral thinking about such issues- I wonder if anyone else feels the same?

What makes you hopeful about the future, when everything seems so bleak/ nihilistic?


I’m an optimist so I don’t feel the same way as you do on these issues. No doubt there are a lot of problems that are plaguing us as a society but these problems didn’t come overnight and we probably can’t solve them overnight as well.

I’d prefer to take baby steps towards causes that I’m passionate about - for eg #techforgood or #parenting and try to influence as much change as I can. It will take a collective effort and stars to align in order for things to improve dramatically but we can all contribute in our own ways. Even if things don’t work out in the end, you know you’ve tried your best (within your own means, of course).

P.S I had to look up what nihilistic means! :melting_face:

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@murlop I understand how you feel! I think it is also partly that we are so connected and news are fed at lighting fast speed. So it seems like the world has so much issues.

But I believe every era has its own challenges. It is nv the same, but it rhymes. I think you are doing great with that thinking! Civil movements are so much stronger and those voices could reach world leaders. I am inspired by you! Small actions has ripple effects that we cannot imagine.

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