I need a listening ear and help

I don’t know how to start. But i haven’t been doing very well. I often feels very stress out and anxiety kicks in. I perform very bad at work and I felt very overwhelmed. It’s seems like whatever I do at work, there bound to be something that others will pick on me. For example, due to work needs, I need ask for things that is not urgent in nature (to them) but this piece of info is impt for me to have before I can know the next cause of action. This was mentioned during appraisal. It was mentioned that I “chase” them or budge in their room while this is some what not urgent.


Hmmm my partner was facing similar issues at work where the nature of her job requires parts from other departments and I think what you are feeling is totally valid tbh listening to what my partner and what you have to go thru I would feel stressed and anxious too :people_hugging:

Honestly from what you said here I dont think what was mentioned at proposal is an indicator of bad work in fact I would think its just you trying to be responsible and having some sense of urgency :slightly_smiling_face:

Do feel free to share about what other challenges you are facing I’m here to listen hehe

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Hi there @cyn1989,

Thanks for coming on here and sharing about being stressed out that it’s overwhelming you. I want to let you know that what you’re feeling and thinking about it is valid given what you’re going through. And we’re definitely here to listen to you :slightly_smiling_face:

You mentioned not doing very well. How long has this been going on for you? Did something happen to you? I wonder if it’s also affecting other areas of your life besides work. I can see how anxiety provoking and tiring this must be for you :people_hugging: With anxiety, I wonder if there’s something you’re worried or needing to prepare for? I wonder if this uncertainty then leads you to take actions to reduce the discomfort as soon as you can. Also, there are a variety of reasons for anxiety that range from physical/health concerns, financial problems, being evaluated, conflicts/disgreements, certain medications, unhelpful attitude to personal triggers.

With the feedback you received about work, were you able to express your side of things? When you communicate assertively, you’re doing it to get your needs heard before working together to achieve a win-win scenario that benefits you and your employers. I also wonder how you cope when things get overwhelming for you? Are you able to engage in some of those activities/actions? I think it will be helpful if you are able to express your emotions in a helpful manner, being kinder to yourself during tough times, and shifting perspective. And perhaps speaking to someone you trust can provide support as well as allow you to be heard.

Remember that you deserve and can get the necessary support you need. Looking to hear back from you. Until then, take care!