I think its time

After being on this app for 4 weeks from the beta testing, I think it is finally time to bring myself to a new chapter in my life after much contemplation I have decided to finally go find a therapist to help myself combat my mental issues. I have explored the many features on this app such as “Hangouts” and “Ask a therapist” which I have learned much more about many different areas about mental health. I really feel like without this app, I may not be brave enough to seek help but, I am finally going to book a session next week so, wish me luck! <3


omg this makes me so happy to hear, i actually smiled while reading this!
im so so so glad you decided to take the leap forward to actually try therapy. ive been in your shoes all my life too, and ive always been afraid to go for therapy, even though I know that it would be good for my mental health! im so happy that ure taking charge of your own health + inspiring others to do the same. Hope therapy goes well for you! :^)


wow this is really so heartening to hear! I am so proud of you for being soo brave in taking the first step. I hope that you continue to be courageous and always know that we are all rooting for you here! So glad that this platform has offered you some encouragement to take charge of your mental health. You will inspire many others to do the same! All the very best in the next phase of your journey.

Cheering you on!! :clap: :grinning:

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Thanks for sharing this and good luck for your session! I hope you find the support you need and always remember this community is here for you.

Aww so sweettt made me smile too :heart:

Thank you for sharing this with us! It’s truly heartwarming to hear that this platform has encouraged you to do so, you’re so courageous to take this first step and I hope you’re proud of yourself too :smiling_face:

You’re definitely an inspiration for many others who may be in a similar situation as you. Like everyone else has mentioned, we’re all here rooting for you! I wish you all the best for your new chapter!

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