Never going to find love

another rant because im in my feels right now.

i always feel like im never going to be able to find love in this life. the romantic kind, not the platonic/familial kind.

i just dont feel like i have anything desireable about myself that people would be interested in. i would consider myself to just be average. i look plain, i think i have a basic or bland personality, im not really funny, i just generally do ok. i dont really have anything special, so to speak.

plus, nowadays, with more exposure to social media, people are making me lose hope. so many people are so disgusting in the way they behave or their way of thinking/morals. it somehow seems impossible to find someone who’s not racist, misogynistic, pushy, short-tempered/angry all the time. you know, like when you read comments on an ig reel and its like…what are these people saying…? or when you’re at school or in public and you hear some people saying the most racist or uncomfortable thing in the world, and the whole group just laughs like its funny when its really not (especially when talking about women…).

all of these combined just make me feel like i’ll just die alone or something. on some days, i’m able to come to terms with the thought of never experiencing romantic love, but on others it makes me have a breakdown. i’m still kind of young (i guess) so most people i confide in just tell me that i have to wait and everything will fall into place but i just find it really hard to belive.

thanks for reading.

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i’m here , just hmu on my ig i’ll hear you outtt @navvyy_ :face_holding_back_tears::sob::melting_face::white_heart:

Hi @siren,

Thanks for reaching out. Wanting to find romantic love is very common, and it’s natural to crave that sense of belonging. Many people feel average but still find fulfilling relationships. Interestingly, there are plenty of celebrities with great physiques who struggle to find lasting love, suggesting that attraction is subjective and goes beyond appearances.

Finding someone who truly appreciates you for who you are can feel challenging, especially when it seems like many people don’t share your values or act in hurtful or offensive ways. It can be frustrating to encounter negative behaviour and attitudes, whether online or in person. However, there are many kind, respectful, and genuine people out there. These people might not post frequently on social media because they are busy living their lives.

If you’d like, write out a list of qualities and best hopes you’d like to find in a partner. If you’re comfortable, share the list with us, or you can DM me, and I’ll share the next step. :wink: