Noone is listening

Noone is listening
Everyone just judge u and label u the way they feel abt u
When u try explaining, u get cut off


What’s on your mind? @ethel if you don’t mind sharing I’m ok to listen :slight_smile:


I am a working mom
Work has aldy been v v stressful
Also dealing w things at home
Moving to a new plc soon
Kid having PSLE this yr…

At times i thought i wanna talk to my spouse abt something… but im always getting cold comments from him… he will say why i stress myself out so much… im aldy v v overwhelmed but he doesnt really help. He would just pretend to delay everything cos he knows i will pick it up and do it. I felt taken advantage of. Even weekends, he wont help with homework w my kids. And sleeps the whole damn day other than eating and shitting. As if im not tired, i do have my own fair share of tiredness. So sick and tired.

Frenz wise… i dont really like to air so much negative stuff out… cos noone will ask u out the next time. And ppl will judge u.

So tired so so tired

I just feel like running away from home at times…

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Hmmm it really sounds like there is so many things on your shoulders now and its really scary and overwhelming especially juggling so many things at once :disappointed_relieved:

How does communication usually go about between your partner and you? If tensions are high perhaps having a mediator may help?

Also I’m sensing that you probably haven’t had time to do the things you like recently too is there any way you could take a breather to spend a day or 2 for yourself?

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You are right.
I dont have much time to do my own things. Everyday is hectic. Weekdays work and rushing home to pick my kids. Weekends been busy children tuition and home reno.
I became very restless. The only me time is watching comedy shows at night. I used to go exercise but now i am totally unmotivated.
Children doing all the stuff opposite of what i told them. It gets very fustrating. Sometimes i am v tired… but they delay and my partner is not helping… my anger triggers. I have tried to suppress my temper as much as possible. But i cant. It just blow.
Kept hearing ppl telling what i did wrong but nth about what i did right.

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Dear Ethel,

Sending you lots of compassion and love to you! It is soooo incredibly hard to work, take care of children, run a household and more… all by yourself. I think that is the main thing, isn’t it? That you are alone struggling to meet all the competing, never-ending needs and demands of the people around you and no one seems to care, appreciate or support you? :people_hugging: While I wish I have a magic wand that I can wave and magically make everything alright, I don’t but I want to offer you my understanding and moral support. What you have been dealing with day in day out, year after year, has been so much, in fact too much! You are depleted in every sense of the word, mentally, emotionally and physically. Of course, you will be short-fused; of course, you will drop some of the many balls you are juggling without any help; you are human and not a machine. You also need love, support, rest and time to be by yourself, do your own things and pursue your own interests and dreams. You deserve these things! The question is, “how?”, am I right?

I do not know your context and whole story but perhaps I would like to encourage you to ponder upon some questions/points for reflection:

  1. Where do you see yourself and your family 5 years from now, 10 years from now?
  2. Given your present state of sheer exhaustion and burnout, how long can you sustain like this?
  3. What are the things in your life which you can control and what are those you can’t?
  4. Who and what can you truly control?

We are here for you, Ethel, and we care about your well-being. Hear that you are so very tired, bone-weary and just really need a genuine and extended break for starters.

Mental break: Could I invite you to find a quiet and private place by the window or in a park and just sit for 5-10 minutes on your own, drinking a cup of coffee/tea/water if possible and just looking around at the nature around you and letting any thoughts that come by just float on by?

Take good care of yourself, Ethel. :hugs:

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Hmmm so what are you doing right? Just curious to hear heh