October Weekly Challenge #1: Passing on an act of kindness

Happy October, mindliners! Isn’t the year passing us by so quickly?

Your challenge for this week is to do a random act of kindness to others :person_tipping_hand:! It could be towards a friend, loved one, or strangers. Here are some ideas:

  • Compliment someone :revolving_hearts:
  • Help a friend with a question that they are struggling with :palm_up_hand:
  • Pick a piece of litter off the ground and throw it out :put_litter_in_its_place:
  • Holding the door for someone :innocent:
  • Write a note to your friend/loved one telling them something you appreciate about them :love_letter:
  • Giving up your seat to someone who needs it more on the MRT/ bus :railway_car:
  • Help out with cooking/ the chores at home :fried_egg:
  • Check in with a friend/ family member that you haven’t seen in awhile to ask them how they are doing :calling:
  • Help someone who seems to be struggling with their groceries :shopping:
  • Give directions to someone who seems lost :compass:

What did you do as your random act of kindness this week? Did you realise that you have actually been doing many acts of kindness every day? How did it feel conducting these small acts of kindness?


I caught up with a friend who told me she was struggling with caregiving for a family member who had a mental health condition. It felt good to be able to point her to some resources and also learn more about the condition myself! :mending_heart:

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Among all the actions stated in the challenges, I have quoted some actions above which I have been and will continue to do so.

I tend to compliment my friends and family members occasionally (especially if they seem under the weather). Though most of the time I sound sarcastic, I am sincere. It has been a habit since I was young to hold the door for someone - be it at the elevator, a sliding door, a pocket door, or a hinged door. And it has been a habit as well to express my gratitude to someone who helped me hold the door. At home, when one message that they are reaching home, one family member would unlock the gate (not open) and latch the door for them to enter the house with ease. I can’t cook, but I took turns to do the chores or take over a family member’s “shift” if they are tired. They would do the same for me :grin: . I believe that these simple acts of kindness are actions the majority of the population can carry out every day. It should be something that should be performed willingly with the thought to make their day.

The quote above states some of the actions that could only be performed occasionally (and when you are outdoors). Usually, before I perform any of the actions above, I would kindly ask them whether they need any assistance to ensure that they are comfortable/in need of assistance before helping them.

Other than the actions stated above, I have stated some actions below that had spread love and joy to the others around me and I believe it can do the same for you :innocent:.

  • Let your friends or family member choose the movie/show they want to watch :movie_camera:
  • Leave a positive review of a book that you have read or at a restaurant that you had a meal [even a positive review at the restroom is ok!] :+1:
  • Compliment the food at the restaurant or at a food store :yum:
  • Give a like on a social media post or leave a positive comment under the post :heart:
  • Give your pet a treat! :bone: