[SELF CARE] 3 Reasons to enjoy Alone Time

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Since our childhood, we have not been much trained on how to enjoy our own company.

Isn’t it?

You remember, whenever something positive or negative happens we have been trained to seek social suggestions or approvals.

That’s not bad. Dont’ get me wrong, YOU MUST NEVER IGNORE THE SOCIETY AROUND YOU.

At the same time, you must learn why and how being alone can help us evolve into joyful human beings.

We need to understand the difference between being lonely and being alone. They are absolutely different and you need to understand the power of your own company.

It’s not easy but a matter of practice and training our minds.

Watch a small video I created. The voice is not in English but I have added proper English subtitles.

Link to the video: 3 Reasons to enjoy your alone time - YouTube


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Hitesh | Certified Mindvalley Holobody Coach

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