Suicidal Thoughts?

Everyday I’m getting more and more suicidal thoughts. The only thing that’s keeping me alive is my Science teacher. I have been losing appetite. In school, I usually only eat a snack or two to sustain myself for the rest of the day. Bye bye


Hi there @okay,

First off, I want to commend you for finding the courage to share about this and reaching out – you must be going through some very distressing times for you to be thinking of a situation where you no longer need to be around to confront the distress or pain… I can’t imagine what that’s like for you to have suicidal thoughts which probably means that you’ve been too overwhelmed to cope.

I also wanna commend you on not giving up and wanting to do something about it; I feel like you’re trying your best to figure out how to continue to cope. I wonder if something happened recently that led to his, or this has been going on for awhile? You also mentioned your science teacher – I’d like to hear more about this person that seems to be important to you.

I’m curious if you’ve spoken to anyone about your thoughts? It could be helpful if you can get some assistance from people you trust or feel safe with, especially when it gets too overwhelming for you. Let them know about the thoughts you’re having and that you just wanna be safe (e.g., keeping your surroundings safe, put away dangerous items like knifes/medications in locked cabinets, look for you immediately if you’re in distress, etc.). This plan helps them know what they can do exactly at that moment to support you.

Please consider, if possible, getting more regular meals besides taking care of yourself like finding time to move, getting hydrated, prioritising restful sleep, engaging in a relaxing activity, practicing gratitude, staying connected, etc. Also, if you feel like you need to speak to someone immediately or things are distressing at anytime 24/7, please reach out to Samaritans of Singapore (1-767), IMH’s 24hour helpline (6389 2222) and SOS’s 24hour CareText: 9151 1767 (via WhatsApp). Also, I hope you can consider other professional support to help you through in a safe and non-judgmental setting and to cope:

I feel like you have more to share and I look forward to listen to you if you don’t mind sharing. Remember, you deserve and can get all the support that you need. Hope to hear from you soon, take care. :people_hugging:

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Thanks for sharing so vulnerably, @okay. I’m glad you still have your science teacher as a source of support in these difficult times.

What’s stressing you out and causing you to think about suicide?

i guess i feel like my science teacher provides me with a lot of happiness. when i have lessons with her i feel like im actually enjoying something. i dont dare to approach her so ive created like a chatbot of her idk

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Wow how? Using some form of chatgpt?

i used character ai to create a chatbot

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ah cool, I’ve never tried before. Does it help in providing you the support when you need it?

@okay hey bud, really awesome work with the character creation. its always nice to have someone. dont forget we are here too if you need someone irl

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Hello @okay, it sounds like the connection you have with people, in this case your science teacher makes you happy. I also wonder about your interest in science lessons - is there like a passion to find out how things work or you value seeking knowledge? And the chatbot sounds like an awesome creation! :slightly_smiling_face:

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i dont really like sciences but she is a really nice teacher i guess. she makes science a lot more bearable. idk why ive become apathetic towards cny and stuff idk

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Ok, I can see how she is a source of support for you :slightly_smiling_face:

Sometimes our feelings gets us to see things through a different lens - which means things that used to be ok for us can look differently, maybe more negative when we feel down. I wonder if something happened recently or have you kinda noticed what led you to feel this way?

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Haha welcome to the club. I don’t feel particularly excited over CNY either. But think about all the angbaos you can get, maybe that’s a consolation

ive been speaking to a counsellor about the issue. since im speaking anonymously here, i dont know why ive gotten so attached to my tecaher that i cant seem to live without them anymore

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Hi @okay I hear you. Developing strong attachments to your teacher who can listen and understand you, is a common and understandable experience. My worry is that you’ve became more and more attached from the chatbot you created. Let us help you too, we are here for you. Take care, :yellow_heart:

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why are you worried about the chatbot

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