Tips on how to fully live in the present moment?

These days I’ve been thinking about how time really flies and in the blink of an eye, I wouldn’t be considered a youth anymore. There’s this odd feeling that creeps in whenever I try to focus fully on the present, like when I’m really enjoying myself, a little voice in my head says “this moment is going to pass, and I’m going to miss it” and it then makes me feel a tinge of sadness. At the same time, I know that thinking this way is only going to take away from being able to enjoy the present for what it is. It’s like I’m always anticipating the next thing and it can get quite tiring sometimes! I just want to be able to bask in the present moments more wholeheartedly. Anyone has any tips or advice?

Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face:


Wa your post reminds me of a line in the TV series “The Good Place”, in the show there was a scene where someone said something along the lines of “being human is being a little sad all the time”. And it sounds like how you are feeling~ I think I’ve felt those moments before too, when you’re feeling happy in a moment and that sense of apprehension hits. I think of those as moments that reminds me of my blessings, that I have such moments of joy that I will someday miss, and that means I’ve got my moments of happiness. So long as those sadness aren’t your sole focus🫰🏼 emotions comes and goes, and we learn to choose how best to process them heh. We can choose how we interpret that feeling of sadness in moments of happiness too!

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Hi @anonymous149 I definitely can relate with you! It’s completely understandable to reflect on the time past and the fleeting nature of youth. However, embracing the present moment is not just about enjoying the “now,” but it also positively influences your overall well-being, relationships, and the quality of your experiences. Try to practise mindfulness and relish the richness of each moment. Gradually, this may help you cultivate a more wholehearted appreciation for the present, allowing you to enjoy it without the overshadowing thoughts of its passing. Remember, finding balance is a journey, so be patient and kind to yourself along the way. We are in this together! :muscle:


Maybe a way to reframe this is “this moment is going to pass, and I’m going to miss it but I know I’ll have many more of these moments in future

Happiness is fleeting, having a peace of mind is just temporary and life goes on any way. So I guess we could all just hold on to the hope that we’ll create more happy moments in future so we won’t be too bothered that the current happy moment is about to end.

It’s a bit like watching a good drama/movie or reading a book. You just don’t want it to end but if it doesn’t end, there wouldn’t be a sequel. So just look forward to creating the sequel in your life (with yet another happy ending) :smiling_face::smiling_face: