Unable to cope poisonous words spoken by partner

My partner wants to break up

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Did he share any reason on the decision?

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I’m sorry to hear that, @Seema1981. How are you coping with this?

Im.unable to cope. I need to talk to someone. I feel very heavy in my heart. Can anyone help me?

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Can anyone help me? Im very sad and worn out for constantly taking blame amd it is making me very depressed

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If anyone can help me, pls call me. I need to talk to someone

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It sounds like you need immediate help, could I suggest for you to reach out to SOS for help?

I called them, and they suggested me to go counselling

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Do you have access to counseling resources? If you don’t, maybe you can consider Touchline at 1800-377-2252 or SAMH Helpline at 1800-283-7019. These are toll-free hotlines you could call to get help.

Let us know how it goes, hopefully this helps.

Hi @Seema1981

I hope you’re feeling slightly better after the call with SOS. Counselling definitely can be helpful in helping you process your feelings in a healthy way, providing emotional support as well as helping you to move forward. Take care!

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Hi Seema, I am also in same situation like yourself. Being blamed for everything and I have to take accountability for it. I know what you’re going thru. We can talk if you want to and Please do take time to have good rest.

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We can talk. Can u call me


I have a hard breakup too. Till now I can’t move on…


What’s your story, @Seasandskying? Our community is here to support you.

U can call me if you wan …i also need a person to talk to

(post deleted by author)

Is a long story. We were friends since 13… but I always have feelings for her… but I never tell her before. Aft graduating from sec sch we lost touch. We met again after a few years when we start working and were in contact again and the relationship grew closer.

I knew right from the start her parents will oppose our relationship. Btw I am les. But I wouldn’t stop seeing her. I am contented being her friend as she told me she got the intention to get married. So I knew my chances are low.

Our friendship grew, we traveled yearly together and got closer. Somehow during a trip she seduces me but I did not act upon it as I was confused and we were having a heated argument. The next day we lost each other in the crowded train station, I went to take the train while she miss the train without seeing me. She got angry and bought the next ticket home. I beg her to stay but she insists on leaving. I knew nothing I say will change her mind and I lost her there and then.

We stop contacting for 2 years. There were problems before the trip even have started, she seem cold and reluctant to meet me. I know something was off but I wouldn’t understand why.
I met some les friend online and got to understand maybe something change in our relationship.
I got the confirmation when I visited her place and she avoid seeing me, her mum talk to me and I guess the understanding that I hurt her because during the heated argument I told her we are just friends. And I went to reflect on our past interactions, she have been hinting me that she likes me… but I have hurt her pride because I didn’t reciprocate her feelings/actions

After these 5 years I have been asking for her forgiveness and everytime it went from bad to worst. The pain of hurting the person u loved so deeply hurts. She blocks and wants to cut ties with me. I have been getting a lot of hated messages when I look for her cause I missed her. I didn’t want our friendship to change because I didn’t wan to lose her. And now I still loss her no matter how hard I tried. It pains no matter how much time have past… the pain never stops. I feel like a failure because I wouldn’t move on from this. It seem like I always drift my thoughts of her even when I haven’t seen her for a long long time. We have known each other for 20 years and I have lost my bff and loved one. I know grief takes time but it seem like my journey is like a never ending struggle 5 years have past and yet after multiple attempts to stop contacting I can’t stop myself from thinking about her, seeing her. I don’t want to loss her. Our relationship ended before we even started. She even told me she never love me before and ask me to stop thinking she ever did….

Hurt lost confused am I falling into depression? I felt so unloved

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Is she also like you? As in your sexuality? Or is it she is looking for the opposite gender?
Im in a very bad situation that the person i love is treating me like a slave. He says vulgarities to me and said he will throw me away like rubbish. He humiliates me all the time.

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Thanks for being so vulnerable and sharing your story openly, @Seasandskying. It must be really tough to deal with a breakup like this.

Like what @Seema1981 says, I wonder if she has a similar sexual orientation as you. If she doesn’t, then it may be hard to enter into a romantic relationship with her. :women_with_bunny_ears:

You mentioned that there were some hints that she liked you based on past reflections. Have you had a chance to clarify? :speech_balloon:

5 years is a long time. Are there any mutual friends that you have that could help bring both of you together again? Sometimes having a neutral third party can help bridge the gap and restore the faith in the relationship (whether it’s a romantic relationship or just a platonic one) :link:

This looks like an abusive and toxic relationship. I think there should be respect between couples and if you’re not getting the basic respect you deserve, maybe it’s time to rethink this relationship. What’s making you hold on to this relationship? :thinking: