What are some of the standards/double ones of society do you find most triggering?

New user! Lets test the platform out on how open can you really speak you mind.

First, from me, is how pervasive ads are in every aspect of life in order to sell a product be it news articles, influencers, billboards, or even “traditions” etc but many of the products, for example coca cola/chicken essence, don’t actually benefit the consumer but many times makes it worse (diabetes for coke, better exam result expectations for chicken essence). It’s fine that I can personally simply ignore it but the ads can get to your mother, wife, siblings and they then try to make you conform to them/ad. That’s what triggers me. What are yours?


Hello @Edwin, welcome to the community! :wave:

That’s capitalism at its best haha. I’ve learned to live with them and basically don’t believe anything you see online.

I guess what’s triggering to me is the Peter’s Principle where basically people get promoted to their level of incompetence - which is really irritating. We see many people who are at a certain level just because they’ve worked for a certain period of time and not because of their true skills and capabilities.

But having said that, I’m an optimist so I hope for the day that we’re all recognized for our individual skills and passion.