Life can only be understood Backwards but it needs to be lived forward -

I understood that looking back at life, Our mistakes and victories, we learn much but life has to be lived forward.

Its easy to judge a situation when we ourselves are not in that shoes. Everyone has their own struggles but others are tested more than others and in different ways.

I was suicidal for many years after my diagnosis cause i learned the harsh truth of what i have to face. Don’t take medication equates high chances of suicide and take medication equates death by side effects in the years to come.

Stigma is strong when it comes to employment cause if you do not declare and fall sick, you will get terminated cause of dishonesty.

Declare and chances are you wont get hired.

People that come out of prison are given a 2nd chance at life when the mistake is clearly theirs but people with this Illness aren’t even given A Chance - How ironic.

Dont get me started on the non existence love live - I have been ignored, blocked and friendzoned more than i can count. I used to watch a show called the 40 year old virgin - Never thought i would be in that shoes, Most likely die as one too.

Years ago i would be terminally depressed when i look at all this but nowaday Im like Meh. I already did my part in correcting the misconception on Mental Illness thru Music and Campaigns. Because i believe that the next generation that will have to face this obstacles should be given a better chance at life.

Who doesn’t want the luxuries, recognition and success in life ?

I daydream of that so i can take a break from the reality of my situation cause its not about grinding 24/7 and not smelling the roses.

To close off this post. I guess its great to be alive to feel all the spectrum that it has to offer like Happiness, Grief, Anger etc.

No matter how bleak a situation or Life is, What we truly have is now - Enjoy it while it lasts.


Hey there! I love how you’ve titled your post. Thank you for sharing something so close to heart and vulnerable. I’m happy to hear that you’re in a better place now and empowered to encourage others around you to count our blessings :sunflower:

I do think that life has never been continuously smooth sailing. There has been times of strong tides, thunderstorms but also times when there were calm waters - which was always easier to live through. Most of us are waiting for when there’s calm waters. But in reality, we never really know when this moment would come. We need to be courageous to brave through storms while learning to keep ourselves afloat nonetheless. It’s okay to be scared. But fear shouldn’t stop us from moving forward. That’s the very beauty of life. It teaches us how strong we can be. And when we get tired, take a break! Catch a breather and when we feel ready to get back out there again, we continue sailing.

I don’t know of anyone who can tell me that things have been great their entire life. But we keep the wonderful memories close to heart and treasure them. One thing that a friend of mine has taught me before, is to learn to laugh at ourselves. It’s been at least 3 years since he taught me that and i’m still trying to practise it. Sometimes i’m able to humour myself with how dramatic my life can be. Other times, i just wonder why things have to be so tough. But i’m thankful for the people around me who never fail to be there for me to lean on. I also believe that we’ve all been built with what we need to keep ourselves afloat. It’s all within us. We just need to discover these things about us.

These things came to my mind when i read your post. Cheers mate!